Brisbane 2012

Just sitting at me desk now, just back from the long journey from Brisbane, Australia. It was a very warm and busy trip, going all sorts of places, and catching up with some people haven’t seen in a long time. Left on the Wednesday morning, about 4am for a 6am “red-eye” flight. Aren’t those ‘fun’???!!

Stayed with a friends family up in Redcliffe, about 30mins north east of Brisbane City in a modern seaside apartment block. It wasn’t till the second day took the car and then boat ride down to the city centre…

brisbane city

Brisbane City from the CityCat.

High end shopping!!!….

Brisbane Arcade

Brisbane Arcade

Gold Coast

On friday, a trip to Gold Coast and the following day…  Supanova Expo!!! 😀

Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Broadbeach, Gold Coast, right before it rained.


Huge turn out for the competition....

Costumes on show – apologies for slight blurriness 😉 – will name which i know. If anyone can fill in the gaps .. please do 🙂

Angel Sanctuary

Ed & Winry - FMA

two skinny saiyans

two skinny saiyans w/ very high heels!

KHR! (a card version)

it's chopperman!

And a couple special guests also appeared:

Noriyuki Abe 阿部 記之 &  Masakazu Morita 森田 成一 !!
( Voice Actor of Kurosaki Ichigo  & Bleach (anime)  Director )


Costume WIP

As a few people may know, am heading for Brisbane middle of next month, included is a overnight trip to the Gold Coast- haven’t been to either places in about 20 years. I still vaguely remember little bits from way back.
Accommodation all sorted now so that worry is behind me.
Now the main reason for heading down to Gold Coast is the Supanova Expo.

Saber from Fate/Stay Night

In the middle of making a costume for this. And this weekend i finished the first part the shirt – just have a few fasteners to finish up – and it’s also the first garment have ever completed with no help and on a brand new sewing machine… (image left) And it’s supposed to end up something like (image Right).

Only a few weeks to go aaah!!!! hope can get in ready on time – if worse comes to the worst, will be doing finishing touches in Ozzie! ~ guess how am gonna be spending my easter 😛

Armageddon Melbourne

Its now the 3rd day in Melbourne when am writing this.
It’s been a pretty good trip so far, had fun afternoon at geddon, which was held and the exhibition centre, which was absolutely massive. In all honesty though, I didn’t think it was as good as Auckland or Wellington. Maybe it’s  because I didn’t take part in the cosplay even this time, or know pretty much no one there, but the lady who organised the cosplay event in Auckland and Wellington was there to judge too.
Currently I’m on mobile and its way too expensive to post images so you’ll have to wait till I get home 🙂

Update 21/10: PHOTOS

Day 7-9: Hiroshima

Took 3 train transfers to getd here. Time has gone so quickly, its difficcult to sleep at night, today (11th june) got up to 30°C. Somthing definatly not used to, so this blog entry is being typed after 10pm.
Drank beer and went for a Thai resturant the first evening, had vietnamese spring roll to start wit, then a delicious Tom Yum soup, which came in a clay pot.
Found way back to hotel shotly after 9:30pm as had a included-in-price-tour at miyagi island, 30min local train ride, and 10min ferry. Got to see the most photographed gate in Japan – the underwater gate-best seen at high tide, which was at 8:30am = 7:30am meet in .hotel lobby *yawns* 😉
Photo of this will be uploaded once I sort through camera photos.

Then came the dreaded walk up a mountain, id say about the same height, or slightly higher than our mt Kaukau which had some fantasic views. Of couse i cheated and took the ropeway with 1 other person from group. And surprise surprise, there are again 2 Nic’s. 🙂
After a photo shoot, walked and ropewayed down again. Got stuck with a group of 14-15yr olds from a Jnr High school from Osaka, wanting to practice their english on me, and test my taste buds with snacks made from seaweed lol.

A surprising song now playing on local radio: “You give love a bad name” – by [plz fill this gap someone 😉 ].

Once made all the way back to the town, grabbed a delicious lunch of yakitori noodle Okonomiyaki (pancake) – specialty of the region + sweets with red bean paste or chocolate in the middle – hope im making those who read this post hungry ;-).

Can’t say the afternoon was so plesent, head was pounding, water all gone – went directly to bed in hotel + lets just say my lunch should have stayed down longer.

Second day, slept in a bit longer (1 hour not enough!) packed & met the group about 8:30am. Proceeded to the Peace Park Memorial & Museum. Facinating it was, but very depressing sights and stories. Filled up the rest of the day until had to meet up with everyone for another trip on the the Shinkansen, heading towards Nagasaki (southern most city if you look on a map). Forecast: Rain (yay!)

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Day 5/6: Bullet train & Takayama

$5 for a regular latte. I wont be buying them too often.
Met the tour group. 12 + group leader ‘Mill’. Large variety of people, ages from somobe who just graduated from college, to some guy in his 60’s. From all over the world too. Half from states and Canada, a Londonite, A couple from Finland, Irland, and 2 Aussies.
Had room to m yself lastnight but still woke u p at 5:30am. Bed quite firm but quite comfortable.
Had a couple hrs to spare, so am here sitting in a cafe, catching up on my posts.

Bullet train (2nd fastest) speeds along @ 285km/hr whoo. Doesn’t even feel that fast. Very smooth ride and comfy seats.
Passing lots of small trad itional towns, rice paddies are a very common sight.
I also have the suspision that mozzies like me … ;_;

Made it safely to the Inn in Takayama. Lovely little place, about 10 rooms. Have been lucky to get my own so far, prob bec the other girls in the are travelling w/ someone else or partner – seperate room at no additional cost it would be if requested when booked- excellent, no putting up with people who snore etc 🙂 .
Traditional Inns are rather different places to stay in.
– no shoes, anywhere. You can use sandles provided on the wooden floors, but not on the Tatami Mats .
– Sleeping is on futons.
– bathe in an onsen – are always cummunal, seperated by gender. None of the girls were up to that tho ^_^;
First night was at a tastey resturant , and as the guide was a regular @ this resturant, we were overloaded with 2 free sakes, entrees, ice chocolate A ND frozen cream dessert. All had to pay for was the main. Then all went out for booze 🙂 Another whole sake bottle downed hehe mmmm.

Second day strolled through the morning markets, then grabbed a bus up to Hilda Folk Village. It was a facinating display of how life was lived back a couple hundered years ago. These are the the original standing buildings, and are in remarkable condition. Have attached a couple photos to this blog. More will come soon once get back home 🙂
Second dinner was also very tastey, but an expensive ¥3000. The region is famous for its beef, so of course went to a beef resturant, and ate Shabushabu. Plate of raw beef + plate raw mushrooms, cabbage etc, cooked in the middle of table in boiling water to ones taste. Delicious. For the vegeterians, there is an option surprisingly.

That was all for Takayama, sleepy village where nt much opens until 10am. – think 80’s Wellington on weekend.

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Akihabara: Electric city



Thought this place deserved a post by itself. Only got to wonder around for bit over an hour – the best way to sum it up… GEEK HEAVEN. Shiny pwetty things light the street up, electronic shops, music, game and manga on every corner. 😀
Did purchase a couple cd’s, cost about Â¥4000 which isn’t too bad ($60-65). Listening to them will have to wait a few weeks 😦 Tried to ask if could take photo of a ‘cosplayer’ but alas no luck. They were scattered everywhere advertising all sorts of things in cute costumes.
I would upload pics if it wasnt so EXPENSIVE sorry guys ;_;. If have time on last day and have ¥ left, will definatly return here.

1 more thing to note: i has google latitude activated occasionally, feel free to add me if u like (gmail addy).

For more info: Akihabara

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Day 4: Shinagawa, and quick stop at akihabara


Slept in a bit later this morning, and with some directions, headed for Shinagawa. Found hotel with no problems, and again, it is huge. I guess everything has to be large here 😉
With a couple hours to spare, decided to grab a train to the famed Akihabara : geek central ;-).
Wont hav much time unfortunatly, and make sure not to stray too far from railway station. Gotta be meeting the tour group @ 6pm.
—train arrives at station—

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