Brisbane 2012

Just sitting at me desk now, just back from the long journey from Brisbane, Australia. It was a very warm and busy trip, going all sorts of places, and catching up with some people haven’t seen in a long time. Left on the Wednesday morning, about 4am for a 6am “red-eye” flight. Aren’t those ‘fun’???!!

Stayed with a friends family up in Redcliffe, about 30mins north east of Brisbane City in a modern seaside apartment block. It wasn’t till the second day took the car and then boat ride down to the city centre…

brisbane city

Brisbane City from the CityCat.

High end shopping!!!….

Brisbane Arcade

Brisbane Arcade

Gold Coast

On friday, a trip to Gold Coast and the following day…  Supanova Expo!!! 😀

Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Broadbeach, Gold Coast, right before it rained.


Huge turn out for the competition....

Costumes on show – apologies for slight blurriness 😉 – will name which i know. If anyone can fill in the gaps .. please do 🙂

Angel Sanctuary

Ed & Winry - FMA

two skinny saiyans

two skinny saiyans w/ very high heels!

KHR! (a card version)

it's chopperman!

And a couple special guests also appeared:

Noriyuki Abe 阿部 記之 &  Masakazu Morita 森田 成一 !!
( Voice Actor of Kurosaki Ichigo  & Bleach (anime)  Director )


Costume WIP

As a few people may know, am heading for Brisbane middle of next month, included is a overnight trip to the Gold Coast- haven’t been to either places in about 20 years. I still vaguely remember little bits from way back.
Accommodation all sorted now so that worry is behind me.
Now the main reason for heading down to Gold Coast is the Supanova Expo.

Saber from Fate/Stay Night

In the middle of making a costume for this. And this weekend i finished the first part the shirt – just have a few fasteners to finish up – and it’s also the first garment have ever completed with no help and on a brand new sewing machine… (image left) And it’s supposed to end up something like (image Right).

Only a few weeks to go aaah!!!! hope can get in ready on time – if worse comes to the worst, will be doing finishing touches in Ozzie! ~ guess how am gonna be spending my easter 😛

Webtoons, cosplay and snow!


It’s been a little while since made any meaningful posts on this blog…
Recently discovered only in the last few weeks “Webtoons“. These are Korean Online Webcomics ~  There are a couple that stand out imo. I’ll just mention a few ~


Noblesse by Lee Gwang Su & Son Jae Ho

Noble birth or condition.

2. The members of the nobility, especially the French nobility.

This is the first Korean Webcomic I started reading [read here] or [view original (Korean) ], currently at 193 chapters at the time of this post and still going strong. This would appeal especially thouse tho enjoy stories about the supernatural and/or vampires.
About: Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, (or ‘Rai’ for short). Awakens from a long sleep.. more than 800 years have gone by. Finding himself in a world completly diferent from what he remembers. Somehow, he ends up enrolling in a high school.  Frankenstein (yes that is his name >_>)  the headmaster of the school, also happens to be Rai’s loyal servant. Rai decides high school would the perfect place to learn about the new world.
Everything seems quiet, but it’s not long until parts of the past Kai was living in appear again in the present…


Trace by Nasty Cat

Trace by Nasty Cat

[Read online here] or [view original (Korean)] This is a interesting one, at first wasn’t sure about the artwork, but, it really grew on me as the story progressed. This web-comic is complete, though it  is only part 1. (so expect more in the near future 🙂  ).
About: 30 years ago, unidentified creatures appeared out of nowhere and began to cause havoc on Earth. That’s why people named them Troubles. With them though, normal people started developing their own unique abilities (now called Trace’s). Traces are the only ones who can fight against these invaders called Troubles. But the rest of society consider them as freaks, and try and to control/regulate them .
Sa Ghang Gwon, a student (shown in picture above) is one of them. He desperately tries to hide the fact he is a trace, wanting to blend normally into society.  The other part of the story is centered around Kim Yun Seong, a man who found out he was a Trace not till in his 30’s is a wanted criminal. Follow these two’s completely different stories and see how they intertwine with each other [sorry no spoilers from me 😉 ]

It’s Snowing!

For those who don’t know… i live in Wellington, New Zealand. Tonight was the first time i had ever seen snow settle on the ground. So thought id share a few images =)


And to touch on cosplay, have decided what am going to do for end of year =)
A lovely orange wig has arrived from China and went shopping yesterday for fabric. Never worn a white skirt b4, hope it gonna look alright =)