Good morning wellington

Wellington morning light show


I come back after a while..

To test to se if a plugin is working .. and what do i see.. a whole new look to admin =) Looking more comprehensive now – will have to do some poking around tonight 🙂


新年快乐 2011!

新年快乐! Everyone 🙂

Happy New year! Now it’s the year of the Rabbit.

Here’s a special video just for you guys to watch (for those who didn’t attend the CNY festival on sunday). – Enjoy =) DOWNLOAD – you may need VLC to play.


Decorating almost complete

And the result:


The Spare room - Just missing a light and curtain


Finishing touches of costume

Just a quick update…
Coming to the home stretch of making costume for end of year xmas work party at last, and as usual have left the bulk of work for the last week 😉
All there is to do now is hook and eye & hemming of trousers, and the last two buttons on vest. Then it’s just the Cravat [ribbon] and put it all together… will definatly do a dress-rehursal to make sure everything looks okay =) fingers crosed… that is about 2/3rds of the work done for next years armageddon




New house + decorating

Got the keys on Friday 🙂 Spent all Saturday stripping & washing the the glue off the walls – and finally finished around 7:30pm.  During the process disovered the plastering was coming off the ceiling .. and now have a hole through to the concrete- whoopee… here comes bills already ;_;