New house + decorating

Got the keys on Friday 🙂 Spent all Saturday stripping & washing the the glue off the walls – and finally finished around 7:30pm.  During the process disovered the plastering was coming off the ceiling .. and now have a hole through to the concrete- whoopee… here comes bills already ;_;


Melbourne Armageddon – Photos

I only got a chance to go the one day – spent an hour or so wandering around the stalls in the morning – it was then when was able to move around pretty easily 😉 But by lunch, wow it was packed – there is no way one could fit that number of people in the Welly. Since money was very tight (house buying does that to you) only picked up a couple vols of manga.

Gallery of Cosplayers from Cosplay Parade:

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Then had a chance to listen to a talk by Vic Mignogna – voice actor of Ed from FMA and many others

I do have a video which will upload soon 🙂

Armageddon Melbourne

Its now the 3rd day in Melbourne when am writing this.
It’s been a pretty good trip so far, had fun afternoon at geddon, which was held and the exhibition centre, which was absolutely massive. In all honesty though, I didn’t think it was as good as Auckland or Wellington. Maybe it’s  because I didn’t take part in the cosplay even this time, or know pretty much no one there, but the lady who organised the cosplay event in Auckland and Wellington was there to judge too.
Currently I’m on mobile and its way too expensive to post images so you’ll have to wait till I get home 🙂

Update 21/10: PHOTOS

OZ & House

Off to Melbourne tomorrow YAY … will post once or twice while am away.

House – made the 20% deposit today – and when get back from Aussie, only 2 days to settlement and will then be hands on- stripping wallpaper, sanding, painting etc.. making a mess to sum it up, fun fun ^_^

30 Days of Me: Day 06

06.Favorite super hero and why

Yes it’s this guy.

Why? Because he is a normal human being, has issues,  & no where near perfect –  one that worked hard to gain what he has, it didn’t just suddenly appear e.g Spiderman got bitten by a spider = suddenly has powers. That’s what makes him so interesting…

Sewing progress

Seeing results at last yay 🙂 — Still have waistband and hemming to do, and maybe few little adjustments.

Starting to look like trousers nod nod

The 30 ish year old machine, nothing fancy but works like a charm