Armageddon Expo & Cosplay – Auckland (day 1-2)

Armaggedon time of the year has rolled around again. This time its held at the ASB Showgrounds. Much better venue than previous events I’ve been too in NZ. About 4x plus outside space that of wellington (hometown).

Day 1: arrived about midday and shuttled to motel. Not great impressions of it at all. Thin walls, windows don’t have locks, and only 1 key between the 3 of us who r staying in the room. And an “ancient” microwave that looks like its from the 80’s. plus, the elements above didn’t appear to work 🙂 – a good start mmm…


Day 2:  Wow the Auckland ASB Showgrounds is quite a large venue- although felt like a maze at times there was enough room to walk around even with 10,000 others coming and groung throughout the day 🙂  The afternoon was spent listening to various well known people answering the audiences random questions.

Christopher Heyerdahl (True Blood, Supernatural, Sanctuary etc)

Christopher Judge (Stargate SG1)




Cosplay project #4 (p3)

It’s been a long weekend but now i can finally say.. it’s FINISHED! ~ no late nights… that’s quite a feat for me personally ^_^

This weekend coming up (20th Oct) is Armageddon Weekend in Auckland, NZ. Exciting! Will be taking plenty of photos.- and posting them of course 🙂

And a few details that have worked on over the last couple weeks:

tassels on the waistband

yes these are bikini clips 😉 – to connect the sleeves to top. Not too visible to casual observer ^^

a finished top half

Cosplay project #4 (p2)

About time made  an update on costume progress. Yes it is shaping quite nicely, though according to the schedule i made myself, am a few weeks or so behind (whoops).
Skirt in complete, have the zip and most of the edging sewn on
the top.

Next up is time to look at the sleeves, details around skirt waist and belt.  Picked up a couple belts for $5.5o this afternoon in a 2nd hand store in Petone. Not perfect by far, but comparing buying new.. spending $50+ .. ouch… it’s a decent compromise. which ever one I choose will just need a bit of tidying up. 🙂

Cosplay Project #4 (p1)


Hi all to readers… this is the first time I have decided to document one of my Cosplay projects… probably the 4th have done. The finished product being featured at the Armageddon Expo. 🙂

For this project, will be doing Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII – The main characters’ sensei (instructor).Have given myself till the end of September to complete it… not long at all!

More info on her go to:

Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII

Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII

Progress report 01/07/2012 – Still early days…

The easy part is out of the way now, took a couple days to sew up the shirt. Just needs pressing. Once the belt etc goes over top, one wont see the elastic band 😉

Pink skirt

And a mock-up of vest also done making sure it fits right:

Mockup of vest